llenandose de gusanos [1999]
se hace por los suenos asesinos [2004]
el mundo frio [2005]

anciano ep [1995]
el dios queja ep [1995]
nadie ep [1995]
dios injusto ep [1999]
la victima es tu mismo ep [2001]
an island insane/vasana eps [2007]

split w/ grief [1995]
split w/ black army jacket [1997]
split w/ noothgrush [1997]
split w/ enemy soil [1997]
split w/ scarver's calling [1999]
split w/ phobia [1999]
split w/ meat slave [2000]
split w/ machetazo [2000]
split w/ sloth [2000]
split w/ dystopia/noothgrush/bongzilla (twin threat to your sanity) [2001]
split w/ discordance axis/324 [2001]
split w/ infaust [2002]
split w/ cripple bastards [2002]
live split w/ asunder [2008]

assorted miscellaneous stuff from the 'sputin (includes homeless benefit compilation, live at fandango, live on kfjv, live on wfmu, track from reality 3 compilation, track from una de gato cuerno de vaca compilation)


(Okay I'm pretty sure the megaupload links don't work very well so I'll slowly be changing them to mediafire links when and if I find them. Props to rasputin for the split links, you fucking legend. Everyone look at SLAYS FOR DAYS by the way. Best blog ever obv)

Ampere - All Our Tomorrows End Today + Conquest Success

Amazing skramz that goes for like a minute so put this on repeat and just climax all over the place. Consume.

Conquest Success is what I believe to be their best song and it was found on a split with Off Minor. Take it.



just the most goddamn beautiful person on the planet

Justin Vernon more like BUSTIN' Vernon

           Justin Vernon - Self Record/Hazeltons                  DeYarmond Edison - Silent Signs

      Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP                     Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

Click art to discover soul. Can't find album art for these things:

Bon Iver - Myspace Transmissions (Live shit from Myspace)
DeYarmond Edison - Unreleased EP

(Bon Iver more like BONE Iver amirite)

The Microphones - The Glow pt. 2

Need a tissue for that 2008 re-issue?
Click the friendly elephant.

Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex

Not doing the best? Low self-esteem? A little blue?


get powerviolent

Sexless//No Sex by Iron Lung. You're no longer a vagina.

Off Fucking Minor

edit: refer to this first

Click the album art to consume.

Split with I am the Resurrection

Problematic Courtship
This one has Off Minor's bit of the split with
I am the Resurrection
plus some live tracks.

The Heat Death of the Universe


Split with St. Alban's Kids

Split with My Disco

Some Blood

Split with Killie

Split with Ampere

Enjoy the best goddamn band in the world.
Also if any nigger could find their split with Life Detecting Coffins that'd be boner.