Trespassers William - Different Stars

Okay so charleytroutboobs and rarspotin were right they're always right this is really good and the title track is moving in a metaphorical sense it won't physically change your position if that's what you're afraid of and it's not moving house so you won't have to do ridiculous amounts of cleaning and heavy lifting just to stay friends with it I MEAN COME ON

pg.lost - It's Not Me, It's You!

From last year better than Mono's new thing climaxes go all apeshit fucking generic and shit idc download nig password is also free advertisement fuck yeah everybody's happy

GZA - Liquid Swords


mewithoutYou - [A → B] Life

Very nearly perfect just like all their other albums and don't let any cunt tell you otherwise and if they do just put this shit on and sonically kick them in the head.

Jaga Jazzist - What We Must

Instrumental nu-jazz/post-rock from Sweden or Norway or some other European crap and is definitely one of my favourite albums ever. Contains some of the best melodies ever put to record.

Converge - Axe to Fall

Yeah I know this is going to be posted on nearly every blog ever to exist yes even the ones that don't currently exist but guess what I don't give a fuck.


Sigur Rós - Von

Even though their next 3 albums are better than this, this is still incredibly underrated and most people would probably neglect getting this so now because of this post, like 2 or 3 people won't.

Click the creepy fucking baby face thing.

dot(.) - dot(.)

One of the most ungoogleable bands in history. Shit's from Japan I think. Also I couldn't find proper album art for this, so here's a picture of them and goddamn look at their hot guitarist and a tiny picture that I stole from sputnikmusic. Click it biskits!

oh yeah this is the password: