Towers - Full Circle

fucking cool ass metalcorey hardcorey rockin bitch ass nigger shit. file is small because the album is short. it's v2.

Malady - Malady

pg.99 and city of caterpillar dudes do post hardcore

Renard - This Place Will Grow EP

on second thought this isn't that good

Otis Redding - Otis Blue


In Pieces - Lions Write History

disregard the terrible cover, this shit is solid

Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Burn the Earth, Leave it Behind

i'd be a teenage virgin jerking off in my bedroom
if i wasn't a 20 year old virgin that didn't have a bedroom hey hey hey

Cursive - Domestica

berk you're such a fag for not liking this

Nasum - Shift

fuck why not

Arvo Pärt - Te Deum

intensely beautiful just like all his other works.
fucking entry level classical fuck right here, rec me shit in comments if you want.

Hightide Hotel - Porch Luck EP

pretty much the same as the last band but twinklier

My Heart to Joy - Seasons in Verse

kinda like a post hardcorier castevet i guess. it's less twinkly i don't know. name of the blog is a heart filled reaction to dissatisfaction not reads for days.

also there's a guided by voices cover on here.

Sleepingdog - Polar Life

yeah okay this is really good. chill folky slowcore shit or whatever.
and girl vox if that means anything to you.

Teebs - Ardour

cosmogramma if it were chill as shit but still grooved hard

My Disco - Paradise

go to library, scroll randomly, look for something kinda cool, post

fuck you you're not my real dad

Black Swan - In 8 Movements

pretty sure all the albums on here that are actually good were rec'd to me by nate

Soofyarn Stephens - The Rage of Radz

get it while it's hot
edit: re-up'd. fuck tha poh leece

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity

ridiculously talented, ridiculously consistent, ridiculously technical grindy hardcore from that band that a bunch of people dislike for some reason. their entire discography DESTROYERRRRRRS but this is my favourite.

archive might be password protected but hey that's the risk you take isn't it

Bomb the Music Industry! and Arrogant Sons of Bitches

for those of you that don't know about quote unquote records, they are the undisputed broeyest record label of all time, run by jeff rosenstock. jeff was the former frontman of the arrogant sons of bitches and is the current frontman of bomb the music industry! who happen to be the funnest, most feel goodenest ska bands that have ever lived. actually, forget the ska bit, the funnest most feel goodenest bands full stop. i'm pretty sure i want to have sex with him.

oh also everything on the label is free. never look back.


get warmer (2007)
scrambles* (2009)

*reccomended downloads

Bare Arms - 2010 EP

just in case you didn't read the comments for the other bare arms post here's this. australian skramz chick vox etc it's real good.

Silverchair - Diorama

this is one of my favourite albums of all time and quite possibly one of the best albums ever written

those who hate will continue to hate