Racebannon - Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In

awesome fucking weird ass experimental (ugh) post (ugh) hardcore type stuff that isn't anything but is everything

for fans of spastic vocals and riffs


because i can

these are all really really really good and you should get them also their s/t thing isn't here because i am lazy

Rachel's - Handwriting

post rock classical jazz you know the drill

spare's 2010 list

gonna do mine too fuck it why not right?

top 20
4. her name is calla - the quiet lamb

unsorted stragglers
bare arms - bare arms (2010)
black swan - black swan (in 8 movements)
circa survive - blue sky noise
girl talk - all day
intronaut - valley of smoke
janelle monáe - the archandroid (suits i and ii)
kidcrash - snacks
kids and explosions - shit computer
mudy on the 昨晩 - pavilion
sed non satiata - sed non satiata
sophie hutchings - becalmed
teebs - ardour
the flashbulb - arboreal
the national - high violet
the saddest landscape - you will not survive
trophy scars - darkness, oh hell

i'm listening to that new avey tare album now and it sounds alright so that might be added later but idk i feel too indie as it is.

edit: avey tare album was pretty good. listening to cerulean by baths right now and it's kind of ridiculously good i do not know why i hadn't listened to this earlier.