Our Sunday Affairs

15 yr olds makin twinkly emo that is actually really good, should have a new ep out soon and i totally helped do the artwork for it and it'll be called transitions apparently and i assume it's gonna rock

also 51 listeners on last.fm so indie holy fuck

Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar

if you're one of those guys who only has their first two albums: don't be one of those guys.

Armchairpolitician - Seven Segment Decoder

somewhat experimental post hardcore. for some reason not many people listen to this band but they're pretty gosh darned awesome if you ask me.

Gareth Liddiard - Strange Tourist

help us gareth liddiard, you're our only hope.

Something for Kate - Elsewhere for 8 Minutes

the dirty fucking debut album from now (still excellent) alt rock/pop whatever band something for kate. quality lyrics and gruff fucking vocals from paul dempsey as usual, plus pinstripe is as amazing as an australian song will probably ever get.

also here is their second album

100% of the time when i order cds

there is something wrong with them. not over-exaggerating. one hundred percent. this time was slow riot for new zero kanada - shoved inside the wrong mailbox, SNAPPED IN HALF. could the mailman not fucking hear that shit?

Tyler, the Creator - BASTARD

i'm not an asshole i just don't give a fuck a lot
the only time i do is when a bitch is screamin' "tyler, stop!"
the big bad wolf, to me you're just a minor fox
red ridin' is gettin some of this wolfly otter cock

ミドリ - あらためまして、はじめまして、ミドリです。

wow what the fuck more japanese shit okay. female vox jazzy punky it's all you could hope for in an album and more.

edit: just found out this band JUST FUCKING BROKE UP. fuck.

椎名林檎 - 加爾基 精液 栗ノ花

edit: got another link, last one was down
edit: wow the link police love this shit. new link, lower quality. sorry.

City of Caterpillar - City of Caterpillar (v0)

blog namesake. v0 rip this time. might be the best album ever.

Matmos - The Civil War



Glassjaw - Our Color Green EP

it's nice to have this in a good quality and all the songs are amazing but fuck off glassjaw holy shit god damn it

but yeah this is really good if you haven't heard it all before


seriously if you don't like neurosis you're just wrong

not sure of the quality of these links, so if you want assurance you'll need to use these 320 or flac torrents

S - Sadstyle

another quality parf rec. lo-fi chickfolk. girl from carissa's wierd.

plus she's a cutiepie

ROAR - I Can't Handle Change

more awesome from jeff brosenstock's donation based label. indie pop that is far better than indie pop usually is.

Bomb the Music Industry! - Scrambles

posting again by itself because it's just too fucking good not to. donate plz.