The Rodeo Idiot Engine - Fools Will Crush the Crown

recently i was contacted by a fellow named matthias jungbluth who runs throatruiner records about posting some albums on this blog for exposure. i was skeptical. if i were to post any albums on here it would be because i like them. i'd have to be givin' these albums a good listen before posting them here at my sacred piece of ass i call a blog. so eventually this first album from the rodeo idiot engine came around. i looked at the converg-ey artwork, i saw the tags "chaotic hardcore/mathcore". i was expecting a turgid pile of steamy wet dicks to be quite honest. then the first song came on and i fucking pissed my pants. this is a goddamn ballin' 30 minutes of crusty, sludgy technical hardcore, almost reminding me of gorguts in its ferocity. vocals to ruin throats, drums to blast your dick open, guitars and bass as dirty as your mum's hairy snatch. highly recommended. yo matthias, keep sending this shit over.

mediafire (320)

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